Using naturally dried flowers and foliage we will construct a partially covered wreath. The base will be made of bundled grapevine, and will be partly exposed underneath the beautiful flowers and foliage. We will use a selection of flowers grown locally on our farm as well as foliage. 


Wreaths traditionally are used to hang on the door to mark the seasons. These handmade wreaths with natural products will look gorgeous hung inside. The wreath will last for over a year but will be at it's prime for around 6 months.

Dried flower wreath - half

  • 1. Place in a cool & dry area

    Place your flowers in a cool and dry room or shaded area. Avoid direct air-conditioning, direct sunlight, extreme heat, dust and water. All of these conditions may make your dried flowers fade and brittle.

    2. Dust dried flowers

    Dust your dried flowers occasionally by either spraying compressed air (usually found in hardware stores in a can) or by using a hair dryer set on a low speed with 'no heat'. Make sure to keep a suitable distance from the flowers so that the air flow will not be too strong.

  • Pickup: Wreaths can be collected at set times from either our home in Revesby, or from the farm in Gloucester. Select "Pickup" for shipping at the checkout and we will contact you to arrange this.

    Shipping: Wreaths can be packaged and shipped - shipping will depend on your location.